Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Letter supporting Algeria's independence from U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy-1957

July 22, 1957

Dear Mr.Trey

I am very grateful to you for your expression of support with respect to my recent address concerning a settlement in Algeria. The criticisms which this speech incurred both at home and abroad were not unexpected, but they made favorable comment such as your own even more welcome.

I am more convinced than ever that this nation must face up to the situation in Algeria before it is too late. My main purpose in making this speech was to place this issue under fresh analysis and review especially in light of the fact that Algeria will be high on the U.N. agenda this Fall. Unquestionably the United States position, especially in relation to the Asian and African nations, is ambiguous so long as we denounce Soviet imperialism in Hungary and accept the French position in Algeria.

It was good to know that I have your support in this matter.

With every good wish.

Sincerely yours.

John F. Kennedy

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